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In today’s market Home Buyers may not be able to get a full Home Inspection prior to the purchase of their new home. Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Companies and Builders are offering various after sale Home Warranty Protection programs that provide some limited coverage for major components of the house.

VHIS recommends that your home is fully inspected before the home warranty expires. Some Home Owners are in the first year coverage period with their new home. Be sure to mark your calendars and remind Real Estate Agent with a courtesy email for an 11-month warranty inspection and schedule that inspection appointment with VHIS well in advance of the warranty’s expiration date.

The VHIS Warranty Home Inspection received its name because Home Owners typically schedule it before the end of the eleventh month in their new home. In reality, you can schedule the warranty inspection at any time before their one-year builder’s warranty expires. My goal will be to provide every Client with all the information they need about the condition of their home and to alert them to issues that are identified under the home warranty’s coverage. Timing is key: the Home Owner wants to complete the inspection and review the report while they still have at least three to four weeks left to make any necessary claims on the home warranty before it expires.

VHIS will complete a full Home Inspection Report for the Home Owner that outlines all major components of the home as per the NYS Home Inspection Licensing Law. The VHIS report will show the Home Owner the current condition of the property and make recommendations for repairs. Additionally VHIS provides a separate detailed summary report of major components only that are deficient in structural, functional of safety aspects that may be covered in the home warranty coverage.

The VHIS Home Warranty Protection Plan Home Inspection could save theHome Owner’s thousands of dollars. Enhance theClient’s relationship with theReal Estate Agent by providing more information to protect their home investment. VHIS reports include aerial photography and all digital photos taken during the inspection are available to the Client for an additional fee. Some Home Warranty Plans may offer limited protection against:

Water Penetration
Hidden defects during unpermitted upgrades
Defectives Appliances
HVAC Issues
Leaking Roof
Mold or Radon
Hazmat: Asbestos, pet staining or oil tanks
Pests or Insects
Broken Rafters or Floor Joists
Foundation Issues
Repair Costs and Limited Warranty Protection
Hazardous Electrical Problems

There is no safe replacement for a thorough Home Inspection prior to closing. Realtors should review any Home Warranty Plan in depth with the Buyer/Client. Home Owners must be able to compare the risk of potential problems and the cost of repairs. Not all Home Warranty Plans provide full replacement coverage on all items. Home Buyers may want to discuss buying a Home Warranty Plan with their Home Inspector prior to buying the home.

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